Buy Plants By Genus - from Abutilon to Zingiber

This page has a list of all of the genera of perennial plants that we currently sell here at Plant Delights Nursery. How many plant nurseries would you have to go to in order to see this many perennial plants? Ten? Twenty? Forget about it! Save time and do all of your perennial plant shopping here. Sun plants? Got 'em. Shade plants? No problem! Ornamental grass? Yep. Ferns, Groundcovers, Hummingbird plants? Perennials you didn’t know existed? Check, check and check.

Whenever we add new plants online to our catalog, we adjust this genus list. We make major changes to the list twice per year, in the late winter (for spring), and late summer (for fall), but we also make a half-dozen or more minor additions throughout the year. So bookmark this perennials genus page and check back often. Better yet, subscribe to the Plant Delights Nursery e-mail newsletter and we will remind you when new plants are added.

You never know what exotic plant gems you will find here at Plant Delights! You can use this page as a starting point for your own virtual plant hunting expedition through our plant nursery! Bon voyage! Each genus 'page' has a short description of the genus with history and other fun online plant facts. So if you are a plant nerd, click on every genus to learn some perennial plant trivia.