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Anemone (Windflower)

More Information About Anemone

The genus Anemone contains roughly 120 species that are native to temperate habitats worldwide. Anemone is a member of the Ranunculaceae family, a great source of ornamental genera such as clematis, delphinium, aquilegia, and helleborus. The etymology of the name anemone is unclear. It possibly came from the Greek "anemos" (wind) or from the Semitic "Naaman" (Adonis). According to myth, as Adonis lay mortally wounded, the red-flowered Anemone coronaria sprang from the ground where his blood pooled.

Anemone species produce colorful flowers in every hue of the rainbow and growing a variety of different species ensures blooms throughout the year. Tuberous anemone species generally flower in spring, Mediterranean anemone species flower in summer and the larger, fibrous rooted anemone species flower in fall. In the language of flowers, giving anemone flowers symbolizes anticipation which is perhaps why they are a popular wedding flower.

Different types of anemone have different growing requirements. Some prefer sun, others shade. Some prefer sandy soils, and others prefer rich moist soils. Anemone flowers attract butterflies to the garden. Windflowers are perfect for shy introverted people. After all, with anemones like these, who needs friends? When you are ready to buy anemone for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of anemone for sale.