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More Information About Bergenia

While bergenia species are quite common in cooler climates where they are renowned for their tropical appearance in the open woodland garden their intolerance for heat has left a void in warmer climates. After years of trials, we are able to offer several bergenia selections that will tolerate the ravages of winter and the heat/humidity of a real southern summer.

Bergenia produce attractive pink flowers that attract hummingbirds on top of a clump of large, shiny leaves. Flowering occurs primarily in April, but some bergenia will rebloom later in the growing season.

Bergenia likes slightly moist, well-drained, rich soils. In early spring, you can refresh your bergenia by pruning out any old winter-damaged leaves and spent flower stalks. When happy, bergenia will slowly spread via rhizomes. In the fall and winter, bergenia leaves take on attractive red and purple tones. When you are ready to buy bergenia for your garden, check out our list of bergenia for sale.