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Pinellia (Green Dragon)

Pinellia are aroids, prized both for their attractive foliage as well as their unique, sexually explicit flowers. Pinellia are arisaema and amorphophallus relatives that are probably the easiest of the three to grow, as well as the hardiest.

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More Information About Pinellia

Pinellia flowers, like that of all members of the family araceae have a unique anatomy...the spathe and spadix. While there are weedy members of the genus (Pinellia ternata, and to a lesser extent, Pinellia pedatisecta) the remaining members make great additions to the woodland garden.

Like its aroid relatives, Pinellia prefers partial shade to morning sun and well-amended, evenly moist garden soil. Pinellia produces its bizarre, snake-like, green flowers from spring to fall. Although we have selected the most non-invasive pinellia, many still produce viable seed, so keep this in mind when siting your plants. When you are ready to buy pinellias for your garden, check out our list of pinellias for sale.