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More Information About Berlandiera

Berlandiera is a genus of native US perennial wildflowers that with an amazing trait...their flowers smell like milk chocolate! The scent builds up throughout the night and is strongest in the early morning when it can be smelled from several feet away...a large patch of Berlandiera flowers can scent an entire bed. I've heard that the stamens (male flower parts) also taste like chocolate but have not tasted them myself. The flowers of berlandiera close partially during the day and open up again in late afternoon.

In addition to the scent Berlandiera has two other things going for it. 1) Berlandiera is extremely heat and drought tolerant...its native habitat is open fields from North Carolina to Arizona and Mexico. And 2) the lovely, yellow, small, daisy-like Berlandiera flowers are produced over an extremely long period of time...spring and summer.

Berlandiera prefers to grow in full sun in a variety of soils. Berlandiera looks good when grown in a large patch or when combined with achillea, baptisia, ornamental grasses, or salvia. When you are ready to buy berlandiera for your perennial garden, check out our on-line offering of berlandiera for sale.