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More Information About Stanleya

Stanleya is a genus of 7 species of american native plants from the western US (Texas to California). As a member of the Brassicaceae family, Stanleya is related to other genera that we sell including Arabis, Cardamine / Dentaria, and Draba. As the common name implies, the bright yellow, 2' long inflorescences of Stanleya are as useful decorating a fashionable Victorian hat as they are decorating a garden.

The genus Stanleya was originally placed in the genus Cleome but was given its own genus in 1818 and was cheekily named for Edward Smith Stanley, a British statesman and ornithologist.

You can use Stanleya as a design element in the garden like you would other plume-like flowers including Liatris, Bulbine, or Astilbe. Given its preference for dry, alkaline, chapparal habitats, it would best be located in a rock garden, raised bed, or on a well drained slope. Good companions for Stanleya include other southwest garden plants like Agave, Chamaerops, Othonna, Salvia and Yucca. We are sure that Stanleya will be a feather in your garden-hat too. When you are ready to buy Stanleya for your garden, check out our online list of Stanleya for sale below.