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Osmunda (Cinnamon Fern)

More Information About Osmunda

Osmunda is a small genus of just 9-10 deciduous fern species whose name comes from the word "Osmunder", the Saxon name for the Norse god of war, Thor. Saxon legend states that Thor hid his family in a clump of Osmunda and locals named the fern after him.

Osmunda are large ferns, and most produce separate fertile and infertile fronds. The reproductive fronds are cinnamon colored and contain the spore structures, while the infertile fronds are typically ferny. This dimorphic nature led primitive cultures to call Osmunda a flowering fern but these are not true flowers in the anatomical sense. One species of Osmunda, (O. cinnamomea, (the cinnamon fern) produces root fibers that are harvested and sold as an orchid potting medium. The brownish color of the fibers and of the fertile fronds are the source of the name cinnamon fern. Immature cinnamon fern fronds (fiddleheads) can be boiled and eaten as a vegetable.

Like most garden ferns, cinnamon fern prefers woodland conditions...part shade and rich, consistently to average moist soil. Some species are bog plants that live at water's edge in soggy soils. Osmunda pairs well with other large woodland plants like hosta, ligularia, and hardy sabal palm trees. When you're ready to buy osmunda for your woodland garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of cinnamon fern for sale.

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