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Antirrhinum (Snapdragon)

Antirrhinum must have well-drained soils since overly wet and heavy soils (especially in winter) can cause root rot and death. Snapdragons prefer full or part sun, and are generally easy to grow. They are also deer-resistant and salt tolerant.

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More Information About Antirrhinum

The genus Antirrhinum is ubiquitous in American gardens. The annual snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) is a Mediterranean native cool-season favorite in the US which produces tall spikes of colorful flowers in spring that attract butterflies. Over hundreds of years, breeders have greatly improved Antirrhinum majus and almost every color of the rainbow is available in a variety of sizes. Because of our humidity, the Southeast US is no place for a typical snapdragon during the summer. Luckily, the genus Antirrhinum has 35 or so other species from Europe, North Africa, and the Western United States, and a few of them are remarkably humidity-tolerant, long-flowering perennials.

In addition to being great perennial flowering plants, antirrhinum species are widely used in science. Antirrhinum majus is a model organism for plant scientists, like a white lab mouse or a fruit fly is to animal scientists. Antirrhinum has been intensely studied, its genetic code mapped, and its patterns of flower color inheritance (remember Gregor Mendel?) are a perfect example of incomplete dominance. When you're ready to buy antirrhinum to incompletely dominate your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of antirrhinum (snapdragons) for sale.