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Hemiboea (False Sinningia)

More Information About Hemiboea

The relatively unknown genus Hemiboea contains about 23 species of exotic plants all native to China and neighboring countries. Hemiboea is in the Gesneriaceae family making it a cousin to African violets, Gloxinia, and Sinningia. It is a rare treat to find a new gesneriad that is hardy in temperate gardens, as most species are tropical.

Hemiboea is a smallish perennial that produces a cluster of white, pale yellow or pink flowers that are reminiscent of gloxinia. Even if it did not flower, hemiboea would still be a nice little woodland foliage plant. Hemiboea subcapitata, mistakenly sold as Hemiboea henryi, grows very well for us here in North Carolina with our hot, humid summers and mild winters. It is the only species commonly found in the US, but others in the genus are potentially hardy here and can occasionally be seen in botanical gardens. We're hoping that more Hemiboea make it into the US soon, and if they do, we'll bring them to you. When you are ready to buy hemiboea for your woodland garden, we hope you will check out our online offering of hemiboea for sale.