Arisaema species are woodland garden plants. These shade garden plants are primarily spring-flowering perennials, whose inflorescence emerges on a stalk known as a pseudostem.

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Arisaemas are members of the aroid family, a group of exotic flowering shade plants that includes philodendron and calla lilies (zantedeschia). There are some arisaema species native to the US (including North Carolina) but the majority hail from Asia. Arisaema are known by the common names of jack-in-the-pulpit or cobra lily, depending on the style of the inflorescence.

Arisaema species are woodland garden plants that range from short plants like Arisaema sikokianum that top out around 1' tall to giants like Arisaema tortuosum, which can reach 3-4' tall. Arisaema plants arise from a fall/winter dormant underground tuber or rhizome. These shade garden plants are primarily spring-flowering perennials, whose inflorescence emerges on a stalk known as a pseudostem (made of rolled leaves that wrap in a way that emulate a stem). Those which have a pitcher-shaped (spathe) inflorescence with an upright spadix (sex organ) are called jack-in-the-pulpit. Those with a spathe that resembles a cobra head are known as cobra lilies.

Arisaema foliage occurs in several types : radial (on Chinese jack-in-the-pulpit, Arisaema consanguineum), trifoliate (our native Arisaema triphyllum), and horseshoe-like (on the Asian Arisaema heterophyllum). Some species of jack-in-the-pulpit for sale (Arisaema sikokianum and Arisaema urashima) have a silver pattern overlaying the green leaves. When you see the silver-leaved jack-in-the-pulpit for sale you need to act fast and order early because they always sell out fast.

Unlike the native jack-in-the-pulpit, Arisaema triphyllum, which prefers moist soils, most of the spring-flowering Asian species require excellent soil drainage. Our native plant species are all easy to grow, as are most of the Asian species like Arisaema fargesii, Arisaema heterophyllum, Arisaema tortuosum, Arisaema urashima, Arisaema kiushianum, Arisaema saxatile, Arisaema amurense, Arisaema consanguineum, and Arisaema serratum.

Plant Delights is excited to offer a large selection of these fascinating, woodland garden, deer-resistant, shade perennials for sale. Our jack-in-the-pulpit and cobra lily offerings are all blooming-sized tubers/rhizomes...not tiny seedlings. Try pairing jack in the pulpit with other woodland garden plants like woodland phlox, Japanese iris, remusatia and of course that old standby, hosta.

Plant Delights Nursery has one of the best collections of arisaema for sale in the United States. We rotate our selections periodically, so if you do not see the one you want, check back in a few months. When you are ready to buy arisaema for your garden or home, check out our list of arisaema for sale.

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