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Calanthe (Hardy Orchid)

Few plants will tolerate very dark dry shade as well as the hardy calanthe orchids. Unlike many hardy orchids for sale, calanthe orchids are very easy-to-grow shade perennials that multiply into very large clumps.

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More Information About Calanthe

Calanthe orchids have magnificent flowers that often boast a clove-like fragrance. All of the calanthe orchids for sale at Plant Delights are nursery propagated from seed....a 7 year or longer process. This is time-consuming, but necessary for the long term sustainability of this group of hardy orchids in the wild. In the garden, you should have a nice showy clump within 3 years.

Although you may be under the impression that hardy orchids are hard to grow, calanthe are not. Calanthe orchids prefer light shade and will flower best in slightly moist, rich garden soil. Calanthe are fairly drought-tolerant and can survive well during medium length dry periods. Calanthe flowers are small but plentiful and very colorful; the long spikes carry dozens of flowers in shades of yellow, pink, red and white. The leaves on some calanthe species are semi-evergreen and will remain green until temperatures dip into the single digits. When you are ready to buy hardy calanthe orchids for your woodland shade garden, check out our listing of calanthe orchids for sale.