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Syneilesis (Umbrella Plant)

More Information About Syneilesis

Plants in the genus syneilesis are grown primarily as attractive foliage plants for partial shade woodland gardens. The foliage of syneilesis looks like miniature palm trees or like umbrellas that have seen one too many wind storms. Syneilesis leaves are covered in a fine down of silver hairs when young but like many men, they lose hair as they age.

Syneilesis is a tough, drought-tolerant, easy-to-grow woodland garden perennial. For best results plant your Syneilesis in moist, well-drained, slightly acid soils. If your syneilesis is happy, then it will slowly spread to form an attractive colony. Syneilesis looks great when planted with arum, iris, hosta, colocasia, heuchera, or other coarse textured woodland garden plants. Syneilesis produces tall thin flower stalks topped with small unremarkable flower clusters. We maintain a wide selection of syneilesis for sale so when you're ready to buy syneilesis, check out our online list below.

Check out our motion capture video of Syneilesis leaves emerging from dormancy