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More Information About Clerodendrum

The genus Clerodendrum (often misspelled as Clerodendron) is fairly large with over 400 species in the Verbenaceae family. Clerodendrum are trees, shrubs or vines native to tropical and subtropical China, Asia, Africa and the Americas. A few Clerodendrum species are temperate and some of the subtropical species have some hidden cold tolerance. Southern gardeners have probably seen the temperate species known as the harlequin glorybower, Clerodendrum trichotomum. We have searched for other cold hardy Clerodendrum species that are not normally grown here in the Raleigh area. We are occasionally able to propagate enough of these special plants to offer them for sale.

Clerodendrum plants produce clusters of narrow-petaled flowers in a variety of colors that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. In some species, the flowers are fragrant and are followed by attractive blue berries. Some Clerodendrum species can spread fairly quickly via suckers, so liberal de-suckering may be required. Many gardeners prefer to keep Clerodendrum in a container to reduce their pruning chores. Clerodendrum prefers part to full sun, regular watering during the growing season, and a composted, well-drained soil. Note that Clerodendrum is frequently misspelled as Clerodendron in the trade.