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The genus Ajuga, as a group, has been overlooked by keen gardeners because of the prevalence of the common types (some are North Carolina natives). Ajuga is a small groundcover plant that is great for rock gardens as well as open woodlands.

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More Information About Ajuga

Some ajuga cultivars produce colorful variegated foliage in addition to charming flower spikes. Ajuga is a great butterfly magnet, particularly for swallowtail butterflies. In addition, hummingbirds delight in visiting ajuga flowers.

Ajuga is a very tough genus of deer-resistant perennials that perform best in moist areas of light shade or partial sun. When happy, ajuga will spread via short stolons into a nice colony, forming a great grow-through plant for spring and summer bulbs. When you are ready to buy ajuga for your garden, check out our online selections of ajuga for sale.