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Rhapidophyllum (Needle Palm)

More Information About Rhapidophyllum

The genus rhapidophyllum (needle palm) is the hardiest of all cold hardy palms for sale. This native US genus is represented by a single species, Rhapidophyllum hystrix.

Needle palms get their name from the long, sharp, porcupine-ish needles produced between the leaves that protect new growth from foragers. Rhapidophyllum is more of a palm shrub than a palm tree. The main trunk of rhapidophyllum grows to about 4' tall and is topped by large leaves on long petioles. The entire plant usually maxes out at around 9' tall. With great age, needle palms will take on a more tree-like form.

Like most palm trees, rhapidophyllum prefers full sun and hot humid summers. Rhapidophyllum is not too picky about soil types and likes plenty of moisture. They are also salt tolerant plants. What are the limits of this cold hardy palm tree? Here is a list of a few of the places where Rhapidophyllum grows: Tulsa OK, St. Louis MO, Cincinnati OH, Washington DC, Chesapeake Bay MD, Rochester NY, Brooklyn NY, and coastal CT. Small needle palm specimens are more cold sensitive than larger specimens and should be grown in a container for a few years before planting outside. We sell rhapidophyllum in a small pot which works well for shipping, but the plant will require winter protection for several years. When you are ready to buy a rhapidophyllum needle palm, we hope you will check out our hardy rhapidophyllum needle palm trees for sale.