About Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. and Juniper Level Botanic Garden

We are a small, family-owned, boutique mail-order nursery, established in 1986, offering unique, rare, well-grown, and properly-named perennials to passionate gardeners around the world.

Our love for interesting plants, and making them widely available, is equaled only by our passion for enriching the gardening lives of our customers. Plant Delights Nursery/Juniper Level Botanic Garden has one of the most extensive perennial trialing programs in the country. Our concern goes far beyond selling plants…it matters to us how they perform in your gardens.

Despite being best known as a mail-order nursery, we actually exist for our work as a private 28-acre botanical garden and plant research facility focusing on ex-situ plant conservation, plant exploration, breeding, and propagation. We have had several new plant species named from our collections, with more in the pipeline. A large percentage of our offerings are exclusive to Plant Delights Nursery. As of January 2024, PDN/JLBG has introduced 1440 plants to the horticultural world.

Our horticultural educational efforts are visible in our catalog, our website, our presentations around the country, in public and scientific publications, and on social media.

Since our inception, 15% of our retail sales at PDN have been given to Juniper Level Botanic Garden to support this mission and we now currently display over 27,000 taxa (different kinds of plants). We are working towards opening as a full-time public botanical garden for all to enjoy. To learn more about the gardens and our future, go to jlbg.org.

We thank you for your support and for making this botanic garden dream possible, and for helping to preserve both the garden and nursery for future generations.

Tony & Anita Avent, Proprietors

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