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More Information About Conradina

Conradina is a small genus of just 7 native US species of mint relatives. It is closely related to another native scrub mint, clinopodium. The narrow, silver, needle-like leaves have an herbal scent and give conradina its common name, false rosemary. Conradina species are low-growing sub-shrubs with a tolerance for the heat and humidity of the Southeast. Typical small, lavender, mint-like flowers are produced in spring, attracting bees and butterflies. Conradina roots are allelopathic and inhibit the growth of nearby grasses. Sounds like a great way to keep crabgrass out of the garden bed.

Most conradina species are used to Florida-like conditions...full sun, heat, humidity, and sandy, lean soil. In the wild, conradina lives in open forests, so it can also tolerate some shade. It is deer-resistant too. Conradina is also very drought tolerant... perfect for the xeric garden. Try combining the narrow, silvery evergreen foliage of conradina with other drought-tolerant natives such as vernonia, asclepias, and echinacea. When you are ready to buy conradina for your garden, check out our list of conradina for sale.