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Spiranthes (Ladies Tresses)

The genus Spiranthes is a hardy orchid genus with about 45 species that are found in the Americas, Eurasia, and Australia.

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More Information About Spiranthes

Most Spiranthes orchid species are tropical or do not have much ornamental value. However, one species in particular, Spiranthes cernua, is a wonderful ornamental plant for temperate gardens and is one of the more popular hardy orchids for sale.

In the right spot, Spiranthes cernua is easy to grow. It is considered to be a bog plant as it likes to grow near water. In the wild Spiranthes is found in drainage ditches, bogs and other similar locations. In the garden, Spiranthes orchids prefer consistent moisture and part sun. If you have a bog, water garden, pond, or stream in your woodland garden, then Spiranthes cernua is the perfect hardy orchid for you. It blooms in late summer or fall with spikes of tiny white orchid flowers that spiral up the flower stalk. The flowers are quite fragrant and smell like vanilla and jasmine. Over time, Spiranthes cernua will spread on rhizomes and form a nice little orchid colony. Try combining Spiranthes with other bog plants such as Iris, Sarracenia, Sabatia, or its orchid cousins Calopogon or Pogonia. When you're ready to buy spiranthes for your perennial garden, check out our list of spiranthes orchids for sale.