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Nothoscordum (False Allium)

Nothoscordum is a genus of small bulbous plants in the onion family as the common name, "false garlic", implies.

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More Information About Nothoscordum

There is one species, Nothoscordum gracile, that should be avoided due to its rampant spreading, but other Nothoscordum species are attractive and well-behaved garden plants.

Taxonomists have lumped some yellow-flowered Nothoscordum species in with Ipheion/Tristagma so you may see the same plants under several names on the internet. We are offering yellow-flowered Nothoscordum for sale because they are both charming and tough.

Nothoscordum prefer full sun, clay or well amended soils, and milder winters. They bloom primarily in spring, but Nothoscordum montevidense will provide an autumn encore if you applaud loud enough. Our Nothoscordum offerings are very small plants that look best in a rock garden, a small container or at the very from of the border. Some people like to plant Nothoscordum in their turf and enjoy the short yellow flowers in spring before mowing season begins. When you're ready to buy nothoscordum for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of nothoscordum for sale.