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Persicaria (Fleece Flower, Buckwheat)

More Information About Persicaria

Although called buckwheat, persicaria is not the edible buckwheat (Fagopyrum) and should not be confused with any of the other plants with the same common name. This fundamentalist branch of the Buckwheat family split off from polygonum over issues of sexual infidelity (polygonumy).

Like its close cousin, the genus Persicaria has many weedy species and somewhat of a bad reputation. However, as with any nefarious family, there are always some good members. Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon' is one such example. This persicaria is sterile and does not run around and it does not make babies...sounds like it would make a good husband.

This versatile persicaria likes sun and even moisture for best performance. Persicaria leaves are often multi-colored and often marked with dark centers and silver chevrons. Persicaria looks great in perennial borders or in mixed containers, and goes well with silver foliage or yellow flowers. Try combining persicaria with phlomis, coreopsis, or any of the variegated ornamental grasses. Other than an occasional haircut, persicaria is a low maintenance plant. When you are ready to buy persicaria for your perennial garden, check out our online listing of persicaria for sale.