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Mukdenia (Hand Fan)

More Information About Mukdenia

The genus Mukdenia (formerly Aceriphyllum) is quite small, with just two species, Mukdenia rossii and Mukdenia acanthifolia that are exotic plants native to eastern China and Korea respectively. The name Muckdenia commemorates the ancient city of Mukden, the Chinese capital city of the Manchu dynasty.

Mukdenia are primarily foliage plants that are similar in form to their botanical cousin, heuchera. Mukdenia features shiny green leaves and red fall foliage. In spring, a cluster of small, white flowers will emerge on a single stalk, followed shortly by the leaves.

Like its cousin, heuchera, mukdenia prefers part shade and moist, fertile, well-drained soil. Mukdenia prefers sun at the northern end of its range, and throughout its range, sunnier and cooler sites will promote a better red fall color. Try combining mukdenia with ferns, bletilla, or hosta for a nice combination planting. When you're ready to buy mukdenia for your perennial garden, check out our online offering of mukdenia for sale.