Ensete plants are fast-growing hardy ornamental banana trees grown mainly for their amazing foliage.

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Gardeners in temperate climates love to grow exotic tropical plants because they add flair to the garden. With the increasing interest in temperate tropicality, we thought it was about time to increase our selection of cold hardy banana trees for sale (Ensete, Musa, Musella).

As with other hardy tropicals, plant your ensete outdoors prior to late August in climates north of Zone 8 to ensure establishment before cold weather arrives. From Zone 8 north, we recommend digging ensete for winter storage. The growth rate of ensete is phenomenal when plenty of moisture and nutrition are provided. Wet soils in the winter, however, can spell death for banana plants in the colder zones.

Ensete is very similar to musa in that it is grown primarily for its foliage, but it does not produce offsets. The large yellow flowers attract butterflies. And its colorful leaves arguably make this red banana plant one of the most attractive cold hardy bananas that we have for sale. When you're ready to buy a red banana plant for your garden or patio, check out our ensete for sale.

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