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Echeveria (Mexican Hen and Chicks)

More Information About Echeveria

Echeveria is a genus of small rosette-forming succulent plants from Mexico to South America that is closely related to sempervivum and crassula. Here in the Southeast US you usually only see echeveria as a potted plant, but we have found some cold-hardy selections worth trying. They are also great plants for green roofs.

Plants in the genus echeveria are sometimes known by the common name "Hens and Chicks" due to the fact that the central mother plant will produce small baby "offsets" around its base. The name "Hens and Chicks" is also used for the genus sempervivum. Echeveria are also called "Mexican Firecrackers" because they produce small neon orange flowers in summer.

Echeveria leaves have a wide range of colors and come in shades of green, silver, blue, red, and pink. Usually the leaves are smooth and waxy but some echeveria species have fuzzy leaves. Over time, echeveria stems will elongate and leave you with a rosette on a stick. Some people will discard these and start over with fresh cuttings, while others (myself included) find Echeveria-on-a-stick to be attractive and keep them. As with all succulents, Echeveria are drought-tolerant and winter drainage is vital for survival. When you are ready to buy echeveria for your perennial garden or home containers, we hope you'll check out our online list of echeveria for sale.