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Vinca (Periwinkle)

The genus Vinca is a fantastic evergreen groundcover vine that is immensely popular in perennial gardens and is first cousin to the popular annual vinca, the genus catharanthus.

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More Information About Vinca

Vinca is heat- and drought-tolerant, and grows well in partial sun to light shade (in the South).

Although vinca does well in a variety of soil types, if the soil is constantly moist then fungal blight can be a problem. When vinca is planted in a good site, the runners will root in wherever they touch the ground and the plant will spread. The variegated vinca cultivars are much slower growing but really light up the shade garden with their yellow leaves and blue flowers.

In the garden, vinca can be combined with any plant that is tall enough not to be smothered by it. Try pairing vinca with other hardy perennials like hellebore, zingiber, medium or large hostas, heuchera, or simply let it grow by itself. Vinca can also be grown as a spillover plant next to stone walls or in containers. When you are ready to buy vinca for your perennial garden, check out our online offering of vinca for sale.