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Dichromena (Star Grass)

The 22 species of the sedge genus Dichromena were merged into the genus Rhynchospora (sect. Dichromena) back in the 1980s but the group is so distinctive from other Rhynchosporas that most growers still use the name that was applied by Andre Micheaux in the late 1700's.

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More Information About Dichromena

Dichromena is a charming perennial ornamental grass-like plant in the sedge family (Cypereaceae) with a distinctive white flower head. Several Dichromena species including Dichromena latifolia are native to the Southeast US from Virginia to Texas in riparian areas.

Micheaux's Latin description used the Latin words "dis" and "chroma" meaning "discolored" but somehow the genus name Dichromena reads as "di" "chroma" or "two-colored". It doesn't matter though because both terms apply to this native ornamental grass with its green stems and pure white flower heads that are held atop the plant for a lengthy period in spring and summer. Unlike most ornamental grasses for sale, Dichromena flowers attract butterflies.

Like most sedges, Dichromena prefers a moist site and makes a great bog and shallow aquatic plant. The plants spread widely via rhizomes and if you divide the plants you will have plenty to share with friends. Dichromena stems dry to an attractive brown color with a papery texture and look great in dried ornamental grass arrangements. Try combining Dichromena with other bog plants such as Sabatia and Pogonia for attractive color combinations. When you are ready to buy dichromena for your garden, check out our online offering of dichromena for sale.