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Woodwardia (Chain Fern)

More Information About Woodwardia

The genus Woodwardia contains about 14 fern species that are native to North and Central America, the Mediterranean, and east Asia. Woodwardia ferns are generally large ferns and make a bold statement in the woodland garden. One species, Woodwardia fimbriata, is the largest native American fern and can grow to 9' tall in the Pacific Northwest.

In general, Woodwardia is easy to grow and only requires a typical fern habitat of part shade and a humus-rich, consistently moist, well-drained soil. You may even be able to coax Woodwardia plants to grow in considerable sun with ample moisture. Woodwardia is a great fern for growing along a stream or a pond. Woodwardia species spread via rhizomes and will fill in a woodland areas nicely. Try pairing woodwardia ferns with other large woodland plants such as actaea, cimicifuga, or aspidistra for a king-sized woodland garden.

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