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Alstroemeria (Princess Lily, Peruvian Lily)

The genus Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) prefers a sunny, well drained site. They perform best with regular watering and make great late spring to fall-flowering sun perennials. Tall varieties or Peruvian Lily are best for cut flowers and short varieties are best for containers.

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More Information About Alstroemeria

While most alstroemeria plants either hate heat, hate cold, or take over the garden, our trials have found several selections that make great sun perennials that bloom over a long period of time from spring to fall (taking a break in the peak of summer). Many of our alstroemeria lilies are hybrids from Mark Brigden's wonderful breeding program while he was at the University of Connecticut (now at Cornell). In addition to their excellent garden performance, our alstroemeria plants make superb long-lasting cut flowers...lasting up to 2 weeks in a vase.

How to grow Peruvian Lily

The South American genus Alstroemeria prefers a sunny, well drained site. They perform best with regular watering. Some hybrid alstroemeria lilies go semi-dormant in the summer, and despite the heat require less water than in spring. Alstroemeria lily flowers attract hummingbirds and once established, the plants are drought-tolerant

Our Peruvian Lily selections vary in height. Some of our hybrids were originally bred for the cut flower industry and are tall, while others were bred for container culture and have a shorter habit. Peruvian Lily flowers can be white, pink, red, peach, salmon or orange in color. The throat of Peruvian Lilies almost always has dark flecks on a light colored background.

If you live in the Southeast and are looking to buy alstroemeria bulbs then you can't go wrong with our specially selected heat/humidity/cold tolerant cultivars. If your goal is to grow Peruvian Lilies for cut flowers, then choose a tall selection with long, vase-worthy stems. But if your goal is to have a landscape plant with a tight habit, then choose one of the short hybrids bred for the container market. 

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