Complement your fairy garden figurines, fairy houses, terrariums, paths, etc., with real living plants! The perfect fairy garden accessory is a live that a true fairy might enjoy.

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Complement your fairy garden supplies...figurines, fairy houses, terrariums, paths, etc., with real living miniature plants for fairy gardens! The perfect fairy garden accessory is a live that a true fairy might enjoy.

Here at Plant Delights Nursery, we have a 6 acre garden that is filled with fairies, sprites, elves, gnomes, pixies and other mystical creatures. We asked our fairy friends about their favorite garden plants and they helped us put together this list of the best fairy garden plants for their bloom room. Use these fairy garden accessories to put the finishing touches on your whimsical fairyland.

The Best Fairy Garden Plants

Miniature plants for fairy gardens (dwarf plants)

  • Anemonella - tiny leaves and button-like flowers
  • Pheasant's Eye - tiny, fern-like foliage with a bright flower on top
  • Creeping Sedum - a perfect, evergreen carpet with tony, round, succulent leaves
  • Cyclamen - tiny pink flowers atop silver and green variegated heart-shaped leaves - a small plant for the miniature fairy garden
  • Ice Plant - bright neon colors atop, low, succulent, evergreen leaves
  • Dwarf Agaves - colorful and tiny, prickly, succulent plants for trolls to live under
  • Laurentia - makes a carpet for tiny green leaves with tiny, fairy-sized blue flowers
  • Buttercup - small yellow flowers atop heart shaped leaves
  • Hens and Chicks - small, round, evergreen succulents make little babies that surround the momma plant
  • Lysimachia - a carpet of yellow leaves
  • Thyme - a miniature herb for fairy garden cooking
  • Trillium - a very special, spring ephemeral plant with 3 variegated leaves
  • Venus fly trap - small plants that help keep your fairy garden bug-free
  • Rain lilies - tiny little grass-like plants that send up flowers after every rain

Larger plants for a fairy to sit under

  • Jack in the pulpit - wide leaves can cover your fairy and the exotic flowers too
  • Curcuma - tropical leaves with a very exotic pink flower
  • Bleeding heart - pink, heart-shaped flowers keep you fairies company
  • Ferns and selaginella - frilly foliage with a woodland feel
  • Gaura - pink, butterfly-shaped flowers dance in the wind at the end of thin, wiry stems
  • Gentian - electric blue flowers
  • Lenten Rose - large leathery leaves and wonderful winter flowers
  • Forget-me-not - tiny blue flowers for your love-sick fairies
  • Nothoscordum - tiny, intensely fragrant, yellow flowers for your fairies to sniff.
  • Small elephant ears (alocasia and colocasia) - large leaves make a roof over your fairies
  • Miniature orchids like calanthe and lady slipper - beautiful and exotic flowers
  • Shamrock - four-leaf clover-like foliage to give your fairies good luck
  • Pitcher plant - vase-like, colorful insect traps and exotic, other-worldly leaves
  • Surprise Lily - flowers pop-up out of nowhere in late summer
  • Myoga ginger - large leaves shelter your fairies and the small, white, edible flowers small like ginger

Miniature groundcover plants surround your fairy garden with a lush mini-forest

  • Ajuga - makes a mat of leaves, topped in spring with small blue flowers
  • Allium - another culinary plant for your fairies to cook with (fairy chives)
  • Dutchman's Pipe - silver-veined leaves and exotic flowers shaped like a Dutch meerschaum pipe attract pipevine-swallowtail caterpillars
  • Asarum - leathery, heart-shaped leaves that hide cool, triangular flowers beneath.
  • Small grasses - make a great bed for your sleepy fairies
  • Green-and-Gold - a native woodland plant with yellow flowers
  • Gloxinia - Flowers are so intensely red, your fairies will think they are a neon sign
  • Coral Bells - colorful foliage topped with tiny flowers
  • Dwarf hosta - colorful foliage with at a fairy-like scale
  • Primula - colorful, fairy-sized flowers
  • Lungwort - silver leaves with electric blue flowers
  • Creeping verbena - a carpet of low leaves, topped with bright flowers

Plants with fairy names

  • Fairy wings - charming little flowers are aptly named
  • Fairy bells - dangling bell-shaped flowers
  • Caryopteris 'Snow Fairy' - Variegated leaves and intricate blue flowers