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Curcuma (Hidden Cone Ginger)

You can grow your own Turmeric plant in your garden! The bold tropical foliage and exquisite flowers of curcuma are an exotic and welcome addition to the perennial garden. 

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More Information About Curcuma

How would you like to grow your own Turmeric plant in your garden. Well you can as Curcuma longa is not only a great culinary and medicinal plant but a very attractive ornamental ginger plant as well.

The bold tropical, patterned foliage, and the exquisite flowers of curcuma are an exotic and welcome addition to any perennial garden. Most curcuma species emerge after mid-June, so they can be planted alongside spring bulbs for a continuing sequence of flowers.

In the garden, Curcuma plants prefer part sun to light shade and evenly moist soils. Many of the curcuma hybrids available today have been bred for the tropical cut flower market, so they produce fantastic, large, colorful flowers and they grow well in containers north of their hardiness zone.

In the wild, curcuma is a monsoon species, adapted to wet summers and dry winters, so container grown curcuma plants should be well watered in the summer and then kept dryer during the winter.

Also known as the ginger lily, curcuma has a long culinary history too. The species Curcuma longa is perhaps best known as turmeric, a yellow spice used in curry, and Curcuma zeodaria (Zeodary or white turmeric) is also a popular spice in India and southeast asia. 

For a more in-depth look at curcuma, check out our detailed article on Curcuma available in our articles library. We also have other articles on ginger plants...Zingiber myoga and Hedychium.

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