Wet shade plants can fill an essential role in your garden or yard by adding color and texture to a low lying, shady area that may not be the best site for other, more sun-loving perennials. We always have a variety of flowers and plants available that thrive in wet soil and shade.

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What do you do with a shady moist spot in your yard? Don't drain it! Plant it with great shade plants for wet soil like Acorus, Lobelia and more.

Does your yard have a low spot that happens to be in shade? Perfect! You have a great opportunity to grow some wonderful plants for wet soil that you might not otherwise be able to grow. Certain plants just love to have constant access to moist soil. We have sifted through our enormous on-line perennial catalog to create this mini catalog of shade loving plants for wet soil, just for you.

There is a difference between a moist shade plant and a bog plant. The former prefers moist soil that is not completely water-logged, while the latter can live with its feet continually in wet mud. Wet soils usually show up in a yard that contains heavy clay soils that drain slowly, and an undulating surface with no obvious drainage path into a creek. When it rains, water accumulates in these low spots, and they can take days or weeks to dry out. These moist shady spots are common in forests, clay flatlands and near ponds, and so there are a large number of plants for wet soil that have evolved to fill this niche.

Some of our favorite shade tolerant flowers happen to be wet shade plants.

Best Shade Plants for Wet Soil

These are just a few of the wonderful wet shade plants available for your garden. So what are you waiting for? Slog out into your wet garden bed and start planting! When you are ready to buy wet shade plants for your garden, check out our online list of wet shade plants for sale.

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