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Blechnum (Deer Fern)

The genus Blechnum has as many as 220 mostly tropical species spread all over the world.

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More Information About Blechnum

A few species extend into temperate regions as far north as Norway and as far south as the southern tip of Chile, most notably for gardeners, Blechnum spicant. In the tropics a few Blechnum species have trunks and are classified as tree ferns, but the temperate species of Blechnum are normal 'untrunked' ferns.

Here in the hot, humid southeast, we normally cannot grow Blechnum... even the hardy ones. The few Blechnum species that will survive in Dixie are fairly difficult to cultivate too. Like most fern plants, blechnum prefers partial shade, and a moist, well-drained, rich soil. Blechnum pairs well with hosta, helleborus, aspidistra or bergenia.

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