Links - Selected by Tony

We spend a great deal of time carefully evaluating potential links that we feel are valuable to our customer...both botanical and horticultural. We think this will better enable gardeners to sort through the myriad of useless information and move right to the sites that are truly worthwhile. We welcome your input for other potential links, and hope you enjoy the sites we have selected.

Plant Groups or Societies - This section includes sites for specialized plant groups and societies related to those plant groups.

Specialized Plant Sites (Non-Society) - This group of links are individuals who have assembled what we think are exceptional sites dedicated to particular plant groups.

Non-Specialized Plant Groups and Societies - These links include groups and associations who promote horticulture, but don't specialize an a particular group of plants.

Gardens and Arboreta - We feel these are some of the best sites from Arboreta and Gardens, both public and private.

Botanical Information - Plant geek stuff. Botanists have assembled masses of valuable information that is unfortunately little known by horticulturists...take a peak.

Horticultural Information - Links to sites that we feel provide valuable information and products to gardeners.

Great Magazines, Periodicals, Publishers - Reading or research, we've got you covered.

Nurseries - We don't link to lots of folks, only some of the best and most specialized sites.

Weather and Climate - Weather nerds...this is for you.

Botanical Travel - Take a trip without leaving or get the information you need before heading out.

Humor - Really clever stuff.

Botanical Art and Sculpture - A variety of especially cool stuff.

Our Favorite Blogs

Other - Well, they're no less cool, just didn't fit above.