Links - Specialized Plant Sites Non-Society

This group of links are individuals who have assembled what we think are exceptional sites dedicated to particular plant groups.

Aroidia Research
LariAnn Garner of Florida has an alocasia breeding program and is responsible for some of the best selling alocasias on the market today...A x portora and A.x calidora.

Cedric Basset, a French botanist, has assembled this site with pictures from his many exploration trips through Asia.

Rick of Florida has compiled a very nice site on growing bananas. If you are getting the "tropical" bug, check out the banana pages.

Calus Canna Page
Marek Busiakiewicz of Poland has assembled a site for the most obsessed of canna enthusiasts.

Darrell Probst Epimedium Home Page
The country's leading epimedium guru Darrell Probst has posted his first website, complete with an incredible photographic library of both cultivars and species.

Derick Pitman
Derick Pitman of California has a real thing for impatiens. I'm not talking about the bedding plant kind...we're talking fabulous wild species impatiens from around the world.

Desert Ferns
Patrick Alexander is a graduate student in New Mexico with a passion for desert ferns...among other things. You'll enjoy his range of fern pictures.

Don Lubin's Ferns
Don's site has some of the best fern photos that I've seen...primarily taken in the Northeast US.

Franz Hadacek Alpines
Franz is retired and gardens in Austria. You'll enjoy his nice site showing plants in his garden as well as in the wild.

Gentian Research Network
Yes, there is a web site devoted to the genus gentiana. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of this wonderful group of plants or just enjoy blue photos (not that kind), check out this amazing site.

Hardy Fern Library
This new site aims to have photos/drawings of most species of hardy ferns that can be used for identification.

Opuntiads of the USA
Plantsman Joe Shaw started this site to share information about the large group of opuntia cacti.

Palm and Cycad Societies
Mike Papay has assembled a splendid booklet on growing hardy palms. You can now read it on-line.

Rock Garden Plants
This English translation of a Czech site is one of the finest site for individual photos of rock garden plants that we've found. It contains 12137 species with 701 photos as of 4/05.

South American Opuntias
Okay, so this is a bit specialized, but you'll be amazed at these cacti photographs in the wild.

Specialty Bulb Diary
If you like specialty small bulbs, Ian Young of the UK has developed a marvelous site as part of the Scottish Rock Garden Society. Ian's site details the progression of bulb growth and flowering throughout the season.

Starhill Forest Arboretum
Guy Sternberg, the first president of the International Oak Society, has set-up a website for his Illinois arboretum, devoted to Oaks. Take a virtual tour and if you are in the area, drop them a note for a possible visit.

Susan Farmer's Trillium Site
This is THE trillium site with species keys, photographs, and an array of information on trillium and paris.

Texas Native Plants
I have long maintained that one of the best places to search for new horticultural plants is in the wilds of Texas. This great Texas A&M site is loaded with pictures of these gems... see what I mean.

The African Garden
David Fenwick of the UK, the National Collection Holder of Crocosmias, et al., has posted this site to share information on South African Bulbs.

The Agave Website
Agave phile Jan Kolendo of the UK has assembled an amazing website devoted to agaves with plenty of photos. If you are into anti-social gardening, this is a must.

Tom Walters Hardy Palms
This is one of the best sites that we have seen devoted to growing hardy palms in temperate climates.