Links - Weather and Climate

Weather nerds...this is for you.

Australia Heat Zone Map
Canada Hardiness Zone Map
China Hardiness Zone Map
Former USSR Hardiness Zone Map
New Zealand Hardiness Zone Map
Southern Africa Hardiness Zone Map
UK Hardiness Zone Map
USA Heat Zone Map

Space Weather Reports
If you are a weather geek, and you have become bored with the normal weather reports, check out the weather in space, on the sun, nearby planets, asteroids, etc. This is a truly amazing site...and you thought you had enough to worry about here on earth.

United States - Drought Monitor
For those weather geeks out there, this is a very cool site, coordinated by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. This updated map shows the drought conditions across the US, and forecasts when those conditions are due to change.

For those gardeners who find themselves hopelessly glued to the Weather Channel, here is a link to great weather info thanks to our local television station.