Links - Botanical Information

Plant geek stuff. Botanists have assembled masses of valuable information that is unfortunately little known by horticulturists...take a peak.
Our friend Larry Hatch has assembled a tremendous members-only site which follows and catalogs new introductions into ornamental horticulture. Subscribers are a who's who of horticulture around the world. This is a tremendous resource for serious horticulturists.

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets
If you've ever wondered what those seemingly meaningless botanical terms actually meant, here is where you can find out. You'll be the star in your Master Gardener class after you memorize a few of these.

Glossary of Roots of Botanical Names
If you think Latin terms sound foreign (hmmm?), check out Karen Fletcher's wonderful site, helping you learn what the "roots" of each term means.

Hardy Plants
This site provides plant information (especially for native plants) resources sorted by state.

This amazing site allows you to check if a plant is native in the United States, and see a map of which state, as well as scientific literature references that have been published on that species.

NC Endangered Native Plants
The NC Department of Agriculture is responsible for protecting and monitoring rare, endangered, and threatened plants in NC. Find out more about rare plants in NC.

Pangea Site
Before you get too caught up in only growing plants native to your region, you can put things in a bit more of a global perspective by watching the historical shift of the continents thanks to animation.

The Flora of China Website
The new English version of the Flora of China is in the works, with several volume already published. Keep a check on the progress.

The Internet Directory of Botany
A scientific site with links to world floras, and piles of cool scientific stuff.

UNC Herbarium
Led by Alan Weakley, the herbarium has assembled a nice site regarding native NC wildflowers complete with photos and other nice links.