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Links - Great Magazines, Periodicals, and Publishers

Reading or research, we've got you covered.

Balogh Scientific Books, Illinois
These folks are the new suppliers of copies of the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants...along with some other gems from around the world.

Carolina Gardener Magazine
This NC based magazine has evolved over the years into a superb resource for gardeners in the southeast United States. All of the writers are based in the region and therefore have first hand experience.

Dick Bir's Extension Publications
One of the Country's top retired extension researcher lives in the mountains of NC. His work and writing about garden plants is renowned around the world and can now be accessed on his website.

Felder Rushing
You've probably heard him speak as he darts back and forth across the country, but Felder has now retired from his County Extension Service duties and has time to really do some bizarre stuff now. You can purchase Felder's books and learn about the horticultural tours he offers.

Fine Gardening Magazine
This Taunton Press publication has long been one of the standards for gardeners to read. Their policy of having gardeners write the articles instead of writers, sets FG apart from the rest.

Gardening With Native Plants
Margie Hunter has a website associated with her book Gardening with Tennessee Natives.

Horticulture Magazine
is one of the standards for plant lovers with article from many of America's top gardeners.

Organic Gardening Magazine
If you are tired of spraying and using far too many chemicals, you'll enjoy the site of our friends at Organic Gardening Magazine. PS: Did you know that we have practiced organic gardening in our display gardens for the last 7 years.

Renegade Gardener
This site for gardeners in the upper Midwest offers funny articles and good gardening advice for the region of zone 2-4.

Timber Press Gardening Books
This Oregon based publisher has justly gained a reputation for printing the best focused gardening books available anywhere. If you want a book on a particular subject, check out TP. If you think there is a need for a new book, let them know. This is truly a great bunch of folks that would love to hear from you.

Useful Wild Plants of Texas
Scooter Cheatham and the folks at Useful Wild Plants in Austin, Texas are publishing a masterpiece of useful plants from the southeast to the southwest, to Mexico. The first volume has been published for this superb book...find out more here and keep a look out for volume 2.

Weedpatch Gazette
If you are serious about gardening, but don't take your gardening too seriously (hmmm), then you must try The Weedpatch Gazette. Editor Rommy Lopat has assembled a marvelous publication perfect for that select bathroom stack that we hope also includes our catalog.