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Links - Botanical Travel

Take a trip without leaving or get the information you need before heading out.

A Botanical Journey to Mexico
Paul Spracklin of the UK took a botanical journey to Mexico to see agaves and other woody lilies in the wild. You will enjoy his photographic narrative of the trip.

Delorme Maps
If you do much plant exploration, you know how difficult it is to find good street maps that include dirt back roads, creeks and peaks, etc. The Delorme company has a series of Street Maps available for all 50 states. I couldn't imagine making a plant expedition without a bundle of these in hand.

Garden Discovery Tours
Larry and Lee Newlin have started a new venture called Garden Discovery Tours from their home base in Greensboro, NC. Larry and Lee were formerly the co-owners of New Garden Garden Center in Greensboro, which was regarded as one of the top garden centers in the Southeast. If you've been looking for a chance to see some special gardens with a group of special people, we know you will enjoy traveling with Larry and Lee.

Harrie de Vries Plants
Harrie is a plantsman from the Netherlands who travels around the world. He has assembled a wonderful site with lots of great garden and travel photos.

Marijn van den Brink's Travels
Marjin is a plantsman who has traveled around the world. His site has an incredible array of plant photos from Crete, Spain, China, Hungary, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, the Alps, etc. Pack your bags for an incredible journey.

National Gardens Scheme
If you are planning to visit England, you must have a copy of the famed "Yellow Book"...a listing of gardens open to the public, under the NGS program with dates, etc.

NC Department of Transportation
If you have been to, or live in NC, then you have enjoyed the wonderful roadside plantings. You can find out more about the plants and the program at their website. This link will take you to the NC Department of Transporation website. Once there, click in the upper right corner of the page on "Search" and put the in word "wildflowers." This will take you you to the Wildflower Book.

NC Division of Tourism [pdf file]
A great site for visitors to our state, including the wonderful and very helpful Heritage Gardens Brochure (on-line or printed), which will direct you to all of the great horticultural treasures of the state.

Plant Explorers
This delightful site for botanical artists and photographers, is especially geared to those who travel around the world photographing plants. It is dedicated to past plant explorers with nice biographies and photos.