Links - Botanical Art and Sculpture

A variety of especially cool stuff.

Always on the lookout for folks stranger than we are, the folks at Arborsmith certainly qualify. They are into the fascinating art of tree sculpture. Check out their website including pictures of some of the old masters of this art.

Art Naturally
Digital and traditional mixed media paintings of flowers Mary Ahern grows in her New York garden.

Creative Garden Sculptures
You've got to see this site. Houston sculptor Bridgette Mongeon creates bronze, concrete, or clay life-size (or smaller) sculptures of yourself, you kids, your pet, or anyone for your garden or home. She has made personal sculptures for the likes of blues legend B.B. King and country singer Willie Nelson. The site which details the process is truly fascinating.

Floral Toilets
Now here is a sick mind...very talented, but sick. Never will you think of urinals in the same way one now for the gardener who has everything!

Fishman Botanical Portraits
David does some of the coolest floral photography that we've ever seen.

Jack Pittman
Need a good cartoonist for your catalog? Our cousin Jackie Pittman, who penned our cover art is a nationally renown illustrator/cartoonist, based here in Raleigh NC. Check out his website featuring his best work.

Jim Gallucci, Sculptor
Jim is a widely-known metal sculptor from Greensboro, NC, who worked on our first waterfall at Plant Delights. He has since become known around the country for his work including his 16 ton piece made from World Trade Center debris.

Joel Haas Whimsical Garden Sculpture
Our friend Joel Haas is a metal sculptor located in Raleigh NC, although you can see his brilliant, whimsical work in gardens around the country. Warning... Joel's creative mind is as warped as Tony's, but Joel knows how to weld!

Marty Klein Art
Fine art scanography and photography.

Modern Artisans
Bart Lethermann, a local Raleigh artist and gardener has developed a site for his unique art wares.

Two Oaks Studio Need a grotto, mountain, or waterfall and don't want to relocate... no problem. Roger and Jan are artists who make rocks from concrete that will fool even the best of geologists. They completed our new waterfall in 2004 and also constructed our first grotto in the early 1990s. Their work is truly a work of art.