Links - Horticultural Information

Links to sites that we feel provide valuable information and products to gardeners.

Benner's Gardens
Dr. David Benner...not to be confused with the Incredible Hulk's alter-ego, has produced a black netting that serves as a deer protection around gardens. The nearly invisible fencing is one of the best methods to control those pesky creatures.

Extension Service Locator
Here is a click-on map to find your state or county extension service.

Mallorn's Plant Discussion Groups at
A great list of on-line plant specialty discussion groups including hostas, perennials, woody plants, etc.

Mole Pro
A site devoted to moles and their departure from your garden. I think you will find this quite interesting.

This lightweight porous soil amendment has proven quite good to add drainage to poorly drained soils. We have used it in a number of areas including our scree garden. We were one of the original test sites in the early 1990s.

Perry's Perennial Pages
Dr. Leonard Perry of the University of Vermont has assembled a great resource for plant and gardening book info.

Renegade Gardener
Renegade Gardener brings us the work of Don Engebretson of Minnesota. Don gives landscape and plant advice, while offering commentary via his Black Spot Awards. We think this is a superb site.

Soil Foodweb, Inc.
When is a soil test, not a soil test? The answer is when it is done by Dr. Elaine Ingham of Oregon. This brilliant organic leaning soil scientist has established a lab that tests soil for much more than nutrients. If you are interested in soils, this site is a must!

Tom Clothier Seed Germination Site
The best online site for information on germinating and growing plants from seed. This is truly a worthwhile site both for professionals and amateurs. It is no longer actively being updated, but as an archive, it is a valuable resource.

Vole Control
Marshall Warren, a NC landscaper, developed a bait station system that makes it easy to apply and monitor vole bait to kill those pesky voles that love to eat your plants. His website tells both about voles as well as his bait station.