Links - Plant Groups or Societies

This section includes sites for specialized plant groups and societies related to those plant groups. 

American Begonia Society

The begonia society specializes in...guess what? We’ve actually found several that are hardy outdoors for us, but further north, they make cool houseplants. The information and seed exchange (really tiny seed) are a great opportunity to grow new and occasionally wild collected species.

American Conifer Society

Here is a great group of folks with a great journal! ACS members share an interest in growing a wide range of know conifers...junipers, chamaecyparis, tsuga, thuja, torreya, cryptomeria, pinus, cephalotaxus, calocedrus, and the list goes on. If you are missing some structure or winter interest in your garden, check out the conifer folks.

American Daffodil Society

The American Daffodil Society website has everything that you ever wanted to know about daffodils from growing to showing.

American Hemerocallis Society

At our webmaster's insistence, we added a link to a daylily website. The American Hemerocallis Society is the international registrar for hemerocallis (daylilies).

American Hosta Society

Yes, there are more of you out there than you think. This group loves to share information about their favorite genus of shade perennial. Not only do they have great conventions with garden tours, but their journal is considered one of the finest plant society journals published.

American Public Gardens Association

Founded in 1940 as the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta (AABGA), the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) adopted a new name in 2006. Over the last six decades, the APGA has emerged as the premiere association for public gardens in North America. Today, APGA's 500 member institutions are located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and seven other countries. The Association's individual members live in every state, the District of Columbia, Canada, and 24 other countries. The APGA is committed to increasing the knowledge of public garden professionals throughout North America through information sharing, professional development, networking, public awareness, and research so they have the tools to effectively serve visitors and members.

Brugmansia Growers International

An international group dedicated to all things horticultural about Brugmansia and Datura, as well as the international cultivar registration authority.

International Aroid Society

Now here is a bunch of plant nuts if there ever has been one. Their interest ranges from tropical anthuriums to hardy arisaemas to elephant ears...anything with a spathe and spadix. You will be amazed what you will find here...also a great internet robin

International Carnivorous Plant Society

The original "body snatchers." If you're into bizarre plants, this is the site for you.

International Palm Society

A group obviously dedicated to growing palms with a superb journal and great articles and contacts on growing hardy palms.

NC Native Plant Society

Formerly the NC Wildflower Preservation Society, this small but dedicated group of native plant enthusiasts has meetings and tours across the state in their efforts to learn, educate, and save the wildflowers of NC.

North American Lily Society

Oh my...more lilies than you ever thought possible. This site probably needs a warning from the Surgeon General as this could really become addictive.

North American Rock Garden Society

Yes, these are the little plant people. This is the group that probably boasts the largest membership of plant nerds in the country. NARGS chapters can be found from the east coast to Alaska. The quarterly publication is superb, their book store holds a wealth of great deals, and the seed exchange of over 6000 species is truly mind boggling!

Pacific Bulb Society

This great group of bulb enthusiasts has a wonderful site of photos of rare bulbous plants. They also have a great email discussion list. No drooling on your keyboard!

Southeastern Palm and Subtropical Plant Society

These are my kind of folks...a group of intense plant nuts dedicated to growing tropical plants in temperate climates. They have quarterly garden visits/meeting throughout the Southeast along with a small publication...a great bunch! This also has some of the best plant-nerd links that I've ever seen!

Species Iris Group

The Species Iris Group of North America has a website with photos. If you are into species iris, look no more.

The Cyclamen Society

For great information on cyclamen, check this out. Not only does it tell about the species, growth, etc, but it also details wild collection localities, and lots of other scientific stuff...did I mention a members' seed exchange?

The Fritillaria Group

Based out of England, this is a group that is dedicated to collecting the genus fritillaria. Yes, there is a group for everyone!

The Hardy Fern Foundation

This group is dedicated to establishing a collection of the world's hardy ferns. Membership includes a newsletter and spore exchange.