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Really clever stuff.

Garden Humor 20-20-20

Canada's David Hobson has put together a delightful site when you need a break from the stress of life and can't get out into the garden. You'll really enjoy this one.

Shady Deals Nursery, Emu Ranch, and Auto Repair
Yes, you read this right! For the ultimate in politically incorrect humor for the serious horticulturist, you've gotta check this out.

The Demotivators Website
This has nothing to do with gardening, but is an incredibly clever site of de-motivational sayings and other such paraphernalia. You need to have a very dry sense of humor to enjoy this site.

The Onion
This site doesn't have anything to do with onions, but instead is the nation's top newspaper parody. Nothing is sacred except a very dry sense of humor. If you enjoy our catalog, you'll enjoy The Onion.