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Groundcover plants are perennial garden plants that are wonderful and more interesting alternatives to conventional lawns.

More Information About Groundcovers

The term groundcover is a very loose term in horticulture and a lot of plants can be considered ground covers. Certainly, low-growing spreading plants are groundcovers but so are clumping non-spreading plants that look nice when grown en-masse. Whether you need groundcovers for sun or groundcovers for shade, you are sure to find the perfect plant to carpet your garden here...an interesting alternative to conventional lawns. In woodland areas, where turf fears to tread, there are plants that work well as ground covers for shade. In open spaces try growing taller flowering perennials that push up through your groundcovers for a two-layer effect. If all you can find at your local garden center are the ubiquitous vincas and ivies, check out our rare and unique perennials that make good groundcover plants. So what is the best ground cover for shade or for sun? That all depends on your planting zone, climate, and soil conditions. We're partial to carex, hardy garden ferns, woodland phlox, and ophiopogon (mondo grasses), and epimediums as groundcovers for shade. Good sun groundcovers include dianthus, sedum, liriope, verbena, and delosperma.

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