The royal families of India and Persia designed night gardens with the most fragrant flowers that would perfume the night air with sensual odors. See our list below of the best fragrant flowers for your garden.

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The Most Fragrant Flowers in the Garden

(Stop and smell the roses, and the agave, and the lavender, and the ... )

Fragrant Flowers are an often overlooked (or under-smelled) feature of the garden. But planting a garden full of fragrant flowers delights the nose, both day and night. The royal families of India and Persia knew this and designed night gardens near their palace balconies with fragrant flowers that would perfume the night air with sensual odors.

Plant Delights Nursery has a large number of the most fragrant flowers for you to choose from. Some of our favorite fragrant plants are listed below:

The Best Fragrant Flowers for Your Garden

  • Agave whose flowers smell like French fries,
  • Aloysia virgata with sweetly fragrant white flowers
  • Berlandiera whose flowers smell like milk chocolate,
  • Dianthus with flowers that smell like cloves,
  • Edgeworthia with a wonderful sweet fragrance at the end of winter,
  • Jasminum the flower used by the moghuls of India in their scented gardens,
  • Verbesina which smells just like Tootsie Rolls,
  • Hedychium features honeysuckle-scented flowers in late summer
  • Tiarella is for those with sensitive noses. Some fragrances may be overwhelming, Tiarella has softly fragrant flowers.
  • Nicotiana - The sweetly fragrant flowers make everyone's top 10 list
  • Convallaria (Lily of the Valley) has small but fragrant flowers
  • Polianthes is so fragrant that they use it in the perfume industry
  • Brugmansia has large trumpet-like flowers with a pleasing fragrance
  • Lavender has fragrant flowers popular in soaps.

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