Plants with colored foliage are those that have evolved multi-colored leaves or leaves that are not green on purpose.

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Plants with Colored Foliage - I want a red one and a blue one and a yellow one

Here at Plant Delights Nursery, we have a huge online catalog of perennials and to make your shopping experience easier, we have created several mini-catalogs from it on various themes including, plants with colored foliage. This group is considered by some to be different from variegated plants in that by some people's definition, variegation does not include intentional genetic color variations such as stripes or spots and it does not include plants with a solid color leaf that is not green. Plants with colored foliage are those that have evolved multi-colored leaves or leaves that are not green on purpose. Plants with colored foliage are wonderful landscape design elements as they stand out really well against the back-drop of green-leaved plants all season long. Our mini-catalog of plants with colored foliage includes both variegated plants (due to mutations), plants with solid colored leaves that are not green, and plants with naturally occurring striped-, speckled, or spotted-leaves.

Some examples of plants with solid colored foliage include :

Black Foliage - Highly ornamental, elegant and mysterious (e.g., canna cultivars like 'Australia', black mondo grass (ophiopogon), etc.) See a full list of plants with black leaves

Blue Foliage - Looks great in the shade and with white- or yellow flowered plants (e.g., blue hosta like 'Blue Mouse Ears')
See a full list of plants with blue leaves Purple Foliage - Looks great in full sun (e.g., setcreasea, eucomis, tinantia, heuchera, colocasia, dahlia, hibiscus, canna, epimedium, sedum, persicaria, athyrium, saxifraga, setcreasea, lysimachia, oxalis, dyckia, xmangave, manfreda)
Red (or Rose or Pinkish-red) Foliage - There are just a few red-leaved perennials. They are special plants for special spots. Some have red foliage year-round and others turn red in the fall. (e.g., adiantum, heuchera, rubus, mukdenia, sedum, xheucherella, polygonum, hedychium, epimedium, panicum, musa, amorphophallus)
Orange (or Bronze or Copper or Peach) Foliage - Also fairly rare. These are unusual and really catch the eye (e.g., heuchera, dryopteris, fargesia)
Silver (Gray) Foliage - Really brightens up a dark spot (e.g., artemisia, athyrium, perovskia) See a full list of plants with silver leaves

Yellow (or Gold) Foliage - Very bright and looks great with purple flowered plants (e.g., acorus, carex, liriope cultivars) See a full list of plants with yellow leaves

Other groups of interesting plants with colored foliage include:

Leaves with patches or blotches of colors. This includes plants with silver centered leaves : alocasia, amorphophallus, arisaema, asarum, athyrium, aucuba, colocasia, remusatia, canna, ajuga, musa, cyclamen, arachniodes, heuchera, oxalis, manfreda, xmangave, tinantia, hydrangea, trillium, ledebouria, hosta, yucca, pachysandra, curcuma, farfugium, leucosceptrum, pyrrosia

Leaves with contrasting colors on the bottom of the leaf including alocasia wentii, amorphophallus, musa, canna, hedychium

Plants with speckled leaves: aucuba, boehmeria, chrysanthemum, colocasia, epimedium, eucomis, farfugium