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Remusatia (Hitchhiker Elephant Ear)

More Information About Remusatia

The genus Remusatia is an exotic aroid that is similar to Colocasia except for a few minor details. Originally, plants in this group were classified as caladiums. These species were later moved into the genus Colocasia before finally being put into Remusatia in the 1820s. In the late 1980s the genus Gonatanthus was merged with Remusatia.

Remusatia species are sometimes epiphytic (they live above ground on tree branches). Remusatia produce reproductive stolons (above ground stems) upon which form curious little bulbils. These bulbils have hooks that can latch onto passing animals, who then transport them far from the parent plant. Remusatia species are generally fairly small (more caladium-sized than colocasia-sized) and prefer shadier spots in the garden than the Colocasia esculenta varieties you might be used to growing.

Give your Remusatia well-amended garden soil and regular moisture during the growing season. We have found that wet cold soil is deadly, so site your plants so they will stay dry in winter. When you're ready to buy remusatia for your perennial garden, check out our online listing of remusatia for sale.