Whether you prefer a mauve or rosy pink, a peachy pink, a pale pink, or a saturated hot pink, we have the pink flowering plants for you.

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We know you'll love our pink flowering plants...we pinky swear!

The color pink is named after the pink flowering perennials in the genus Dianthus. The word pink actually refers to the frilly edge of the flower pedals. Used as a verb, "to pink" still means to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern. Pink as a reference to color has only been in the English lexicon since the 17th century.

Pink has long been considered a very feminine color...the color of love, Valentine's, and Easter. Whether you prefer a mauve or rosy pink, a peachy pink, a light pink, or a saturated hot pink, we have the best pink flowers for you. Put a pink perennial in your garden today!

List of Pink Flowering Plants

  • Agastache - Hummingbirds love the striking hot pink flowers, they're drought tolerant, and the leaves are fragrant too!

  • Aster - Usually blue, but the pink flowering ones are fantastic!

  • Brugmansia - Huge dangling pink flowers that bloom late summer and are very fragrant.

  • Buddleia - The huge panicles of soft pink flowers attract butterflies like a magnet! Great choice if you need a tall pink flowering perennial.

  • Canna - Tropical looking, several varieties with large pink flowers.

  • Crinum - We have a large variety of crinum lilies with large, red and pink, amaryllis-like flowers.

  • Chrysanthemum - We have trialed Chrysanthemum 'Country Girl' for over a decade and love the hardiness as much as the pinkness.
  • Cyclamen - Dainty rock garden plants with foliage as interesting as the pink flowers. Easy-to-grow and winter-hardy.

  • Cypripedium - The queen of the hardy orchids, many with large pink blooms.

  • Delosperma - Superb succulent groundcovers, many with upward facing red or small pink flowers that keep coming all summer long. Drought and salt tolerant.
  • Dianthus - The original pink. Many hardy pink flowering varieties, mostly evergreen.

  • Echinacea - Easy-to-grow native plants. Often called purple coneflowers, there are also many pink hybrids that are fragrant and floriferous.
  • Habranthus - This rain lily has alluring large pink flowers.

Looking for additional types of pink flowers? Check out our many blog posts about pink flowering plants.