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Trillium lancifolium 'Shotgun Wedding'
JLBG @ Juniper Level Botanic Gdn, NC

Trillium lancifolium Shotgun Wedding

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In our garden we originally planted divisions of two forms of Trillium lancifolium near each other...one from northern Florida and another from northern Georgia. Years ago, we gathered the first garden seed from these and, when the seedlings finally flowered in 2012, we discovered the after effects of some horticultural hanky panky. The offspring, which we named Trillium 'Shotgun Wedding' (it's a southern thang), represents a cross between both forms. The offspring are slightly taller at 10" and much more vigorous than either parent. Additionally, our new strain has much better leaf patterns than the Georgia parent. Each seedling is different...we could go crazy making special selections but instead we're going to allow you to do the same.

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