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Rabbit Resistant Plants

Rabbit Resistant Plants

Plant rabbit resistant plants to keep Br'er Rabbit out of your briar patch, wemove the "wascally" Bugs Bunny, and halt the "hippity hoppity" Peter Cottontail...including Baptisia, Hellebore, Iris, Paeonia, Salvia, and Veronica.

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More Information About Rabbit Resistant Plants

Other than deer, the most hated garden critter has to be the rabbit. Despite their small size, rabbits can devour garden plants and will happily eat your prized hosta down to a mere nub. Here at Plant Delights Nursery, we have wide range of perennials for sale and have scoured our catalog to create a list of rabbit resistant plants for the garden.

Like deer, rabbits will eat almost anything, so any list of rabbit resistant plants is not foolproof...especially because rabbits don't read lists. Bunnies may nibble on plants that a deer won't touch, but in general, the list of rabbit repellant plants strongly overlaps with the list of deer-resistant plants. The best rabbit resistant plants have one or more of the following characteristics: spiny, rough, hairy, thick, leathery, woody, toxic, bitter, succulent or spicy leaves/stems.

The textured (rough, spiny, hairy, leathery) rabbit resistant plants include perennials such as Achillea, Agave, Juniperus, and Yucca. The distasteful rabbit resistant plants include culinary perennials such as Agastache, Allium, Lamium, Lavandula, Monarda, Nepeta, Origanum, Rosmarinus, and Salvia, but also include caustic, acrid or just plain yucky-tasting plants like Caryopteris and toxic plants like Aconitum, Artemisia, Asclepias, and Digitalis. Plant groups like ferns and ornamental grasses repel rabbits well. When you are ready to buy rabbit resistant plants for your garden, check out our online list of rabbit resistant plants for sale.