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Salvia darcyi
JLBG @ Juniper Level Botanic Gdn, NC

Salvia darcyi

Darcy's Mexican Sage

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Item #: 814

Zones: 6a to 10b, possibly colder

Dormancy: Winter

Height: 48" tall

Culture: Sun to Part Sun

Origin: Mexico

Pot Size: 3.5" pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L) ?

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(syn: Salvia oresbia) This species from Mexico was renamed and officially published by England's James Compton in a 1994 issue of "Kew." It was originally discovered in Galeana, Mexico, by Yucca Do Nursery collectors who unfortunately received no credit in the magazine. When given plenty of room and bright light, Salvia darcyi makes a huge 4' tall x 7' wide clump of heart-shaped, light green leaves. Throughout the summer, the clump is topped by spikes of bright orange-red flowers (RHS 43A), and the fall the floral show is nothing short of spectacular. We understand this has been winter hardy at the Denver Botanic Garden, so we've obviously underestimated its hardiness when kept dry in winter.

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