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Plants that Attract Birds

Plants that Attract Birds

Treat the tweeties in your garden with plants that attract birds like salvia, echinacea, etc.Birds add color, movement and music to our gardens and we can attract them by including shrubs and trees in our landscape for shelter, and by planting perennials that provide them with nectar or other sources of food.

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More Information About Plants that Attract Birds

In order to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden, include perennials of varying heights such as the low-growing heuchera and the tall solidago as well as perennials that flower at different times during the growing season such as coneflowers (echinacea, rudbeckia) in summer and aster in fall. We prefer to deadhead our perennials to promote continuous flowering which will keep birds coming to your garden during the growing season.

Hummingbirds are attracted to plants with tubular shaped blooms, as well as other flowers with nectar, such as hosta, lantana and salvia. Many birds prefer to feast on seeds and berries, so as the summer comes to a close, allow the remaining blooms on your perennials to form seed.

You can find perennials of every color and for every zone that provide food sources for the birds in your area. If you want your feathered friends to enjoy being in your garden as much as you do, check out our large online offering of attractive bird-friendly perennials. When you are ready to buy plants that attract birds for your garden, check out our online list of plants that your birds will love.